Anger & Sport

Anger can affect your sporting performance. When anger is excessive, the years of training and muscle memory break down and can lead to situations where you throw away all you have worked for. In one short moment you can  give away that which you prize the most.

Every week we hear of familiar names, Barton, Rooney, Terry, Woods, Zidane and remember McEnroe. A moment of madness can change the course of a sporting career and the destiny of a team. Young talented sportsmen and women can lose years and destroy reputations through uncontrolled angry behaviour which they often bring with them from the outside world.

David Woolfson MBA MBACP, based in London, is a psychotherapist and one of the UK’s leading Anger Management specialists. He now plans to bring his focus to the challenges facing sportsmen and sportswomen around managing and controlling their rage and spontaneous anger outbursts. It is possible to get a handle both on angry behaviour and manage the intensity of the anger itself. Learning to manage your anger will help you to be more in charge of yourself not only in sports but in every aspect of your life, to be calmer, more focused and effective in your chosen activities.

If you feel that you or anyone involved with you needs help or counselling for uncontrolled rage and anger outbursts, please contact David Woolfson confidentially to discuss how Anger Management can be of help.


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