Lewis Hamilton – Why he left McLaren

Life is a process of separation. It can be painful. We leave the womb, we stop breast feeding, we learn to walk and suddenly find there is a big wide world out there. Mother be hidden behind the door, we panic, cry out. She comes to get us we feel re assured, secure and the next day we explore further behind the door safe in the knowledge that she is there and at any time we can return to her.

lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton left his father some years ago, now – he is to leave the womb of Maclaren, the “mother” that has nurtured him, protected him and given him a place of safety, a place to retreat to when all is not well. He has already left his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger. Some say he has left because of the money, there may be some truth in this but it seems that in order to find “who he is” to truly separate, become an individual and grow up he needs to leave the womb, the place of safety.

For all of us leaving is a moment of risk, for some may have been a traumatic experience of expulsion and rejection, for others our carer and parents  may have tried to keep us there, not able to deal with their own separation trauma.

This is not about Formula One, McLaren, Silver Arrows or Mercedes, one engine or another, Button, Alonso or Schumacher.  Hamilton may not have more racing success with Mercedes. We all need to leave our families in order to come back in a different way, as an adult. Avoiding or interrupting this process is about fear, it creates anger and resentment. In the end, only by experimentation and separation can we truly develop our sense of identity and who we are in this world.

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