“The idea is simple. The practice is hard. To turn the torch beam inwards is difficult, and the greater the fury, the more difficult it is. I find there are times when I long to turn the beam, can think in detail about turning it, but, as if I’m in some horrible waking dream, I just cannot seem to do it. At this point it really helps to work with someone like David, because they know how hard it is, and that it can be done, and because they are good at observing others and good at pointing things out to them in a way that’s usually not too provoking.”

“A decade ago, there were things I’d feel angry about that would take me weeks to come to terms with. I know there is a way, a way that I can practice over and over again and by so doing get better at it just like David said….”

“I have lots of people tuning in tomorrow to hear the voice that changed my life around! Shout me out if you get a chance , I was going to call the station, then I thought you do not have long and the time taken talking to me could mean someone else cannot get through that needs your help”

“I felt sad to leave you and our time behind. You have helped me to where I now am and have been a superb role model in my life. Many thanks for all your kindness and concern. You are a very wise and powerful man. May all your dreams come true and may this not be the last time I see you and or get some or your professional time.”

“All and all I think the anger management course is one of the best things that has happened in my life, so thanks to all of you and I hope it meant the same or similiar as it did for me.”

“I have just read about your work and I want to congratulate you on creating such a tremendous project, filling a much needed gap between learning to cope via psycho-therapeutic methods and not attending to ones problems at all”

“I write this letter to you with nothing but total admiration for the time and patience and concern you have given me during our meetings. ..I have been opened up to a different outlook on so many things that have haunted me for so long. ..I value the time I spent with you, and thank you for your understanding”

“It’s been so much of a change ‘all bloody good thanks to you’ and me I know.  I feel I have a relationship with you now and probably forever, the work has been very very constructive and what a change in my life, and it’s not finished. David really a pleasure to have started this anger work with you and I am sure we’re going to speak again! If you have anything to tell me or advise me, you know me well now, please don’t hold it, be honest because everything you teach me did work! I am a proud person and a changing one too.”

“I would like to thank you for your fantastic support and I feel very powerful now in myself. I am so happy. I think that I have a long road ahead of me in controlling my anger but with your input I feel ready to make the right decisions. I wish you every success in your assistance to others”.


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